5 Benefits of Using Pouches for Coffee Packaging

5 Benefits of Using Pouches for Coffee Packaging

Whether you produce ground or roast coffee, you have high standards when it comes to packaging.

You want the packaging to keep the beans fresh for as long as possible, stand out from the crowd when on display, be easy to store at home or in the workplace, and keep first-time customers coming back for more.

In order to achieve these outcomes, you need to choose the right packaging. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider stand up pouches when packaging your coffee.

Enhanced shelf presence:

Since pouches can stand on their own, you can prominently display your brand and product name on the front – and even include a ‘window’ to display the contents inside.

Pouches also take up less space than conventional jars and containers, so you can fit more on the shelf. Better still, unlike jars, they won’t break if accidentally dropped, so there’s no risk of wastage.

Fresher beans for better taste:

After being roasted, coffee beans naturally release both volatile and non-volatile gases.

These gas, comprised of around 80 percent CO2, help add to the coffee’s flavour. But the problem is the gas continues to emit for too long. When left in a sealed packet, it spoils the product and reduces shelf life.

To alleviate this problem, a one way degassing valve can be installed in coffee pouches for packaging. The valve is designed to replace the oxygen with a minimum of 3 percent nitrogen. Not only do the beans stay fresher for longer, but it prevents the pouch from bursting due to excess gas.

Best of all? Your customers will enjoy better tasting coffee.

Reduced packaging costs:

Printed flexible packaging is one of the most affordable packaging options on the market.

For starters, the upfront production cost is lower than traditional packaging. With the average cost of pouches ranging from $0.32 to $0.52, compared to printed folding boxes and glass jars that cost anywhere from $0.68 to $0.90 respectively.

Secondly, since pouches are more durable than glass products, you’ll save money. This is because you won’t lose money due to damaged stock, and you won’t have to spend extra on manufacturing to replace the broken stock either.

affordable packaging

Greater flexibility and convenience:

For coffee packaging, pouches are extremely lightweight and can be easily taken on the go. So your customers can take it with them on holidays, camping trips, road trips, and even just to work. Even at home, a lightweight pouch is more user friendly than a glass jar.

Another great feature is resealable zip locks, which lets your customers use and re-use the coffee at any time – without having to worry about the beans going off before expiring. All they have to do is peel off the tab, open the zipper like a normal bag, and then press to reseal.

Eco-friendly options to benefit the environment:

In order to help reduce packaging-related waste, the use of biodegradable and compostable packaging is on the rise.

What does this involve? Essentially, pouches are made from polymers (derived from raw materials like starch, cellulose, soy protein, and lactic acid etc). These materials are unique as they are compostable, which means they can be disposed of in green waste. So, when they decompose, they won’t release harmful gases – as is the case for landfill waste.

While the upfront cost of biodegradable packaging is a bit higher than non-biodegradable, there are long-term benefits for your business. It can help boost the image of your company, attract a new crowd of more eco-conscious consumers, and most importantly – reduce your overall carbon footprint.

The Pouch Shop are the experts in flexible packaging solutions. Whether you need unprinted, ready-to-label pouches, or a custom design to help your brand stand out, we got you covered.

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