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Your search for the best tea packaging in Australia stops here. You found it! The Pouch Shop offers a wide variety of bags and pouches, thoughtfully crafted for tea bags and as loose leaf tea packaging.


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Our Tea Packaging Bags And Pouches 

We take pride in our top-notch packaging products, made using only the best quality materials available on the market. Our bags and pouches are built to be versatile and visually appealing. This is one of the many reasons why we are known as a choice packaging solutions provider in Australia.

Listed below are our most recommended tea packaging bags: 

Stand Up Pouches


Custom printed Stand Up Pouch tea packagingPlastic Pouch Packaging For Tea


Stand up bags are great for tea products. Its gusset bottom will let your tea packages stand on its own and stand out on store shelves or restaurant counters. We recommend using a pouch with metallised lining to keep your tea fresh and protected from oxygen and moisture.

  • Available in unprinted and in digital custom printed options 
  • Resealable bags for repeated use without losing freshness
  • Available in multiple sizes, finishes, and colours 
  • Available in solid, or with plastic film windows if you prefer to view your product

The Pouch Shop also offers clear stand up pouches to show off your tea range and fully recyclable, eco-friendly stand up pouches for tea refill packs that don’t require long shelf life.

Check our collection of Stand Up Pouches.

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom bags are commonly used as coffee bags and as packaging for tea. They can come with front zipper closure so consumers can enjoy your tea products at their own pace while allowing for easy filling of loose tea. This zipper feature helps lock out moisture, making it fit for loose leaf tea packaging especially for organic teas.


  • Available in many sizes, colours, and finishes
  • Assures long-term tea freshness
  • Extra room to expand for more contents
  • Plastic window options available

Browse through our collection of Flat Bottom Pouches

Kraft Paper Pouches

Kraft paper packaging has become quite the trend in Australia the past years as it provides a premium and eco-friendly packaging look in today’s market.

Resealable Kraft Flat Bottom Pouch With Square Window For Tea
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Square and oval window options available
  • Resealable and suited for re-use
  • Earth-tone kraft paper colour

See our range of kraft paper packaging products.


Tea Packaging Sizes, Prices and Quantities

Our tea packaging bags come in varying sizes to fit small portions of 250 grams up to large quantities of 1 kilogram. The Pouch Shop guarantees durable packaging for tea to carry your products from stores, to customerscarts and to their homes!


Available Pouch Sizes For Tea

 Stated wholesale prices cover product units of 500 pieces to as much as 10,000 pieces. We also offer discounts on bulk orders.

Why Choose The Pouch Shop For Your  Tea Packaging Needs 


The Pouch Shop ranks among the most trusted specialists in food packaging in Melbourne and all of Australia. We don’t just supply packaging materials to tea brands. We also help preserve product quality and boost the packages' visual impact to customers. 

Our bags and pouches are designed to stand out without compromising on quality. Plus, we print your custom tea packaging design if you’re looking for a custom print packaging solution that goes beyond what you can buy off the shelf. Set your loose leaf tea and tea bag packaging apart with your very own branding aesthetics. 

Explore endless design possibilities and bring them to life with The Pouch Shop.

Get in touch with us to know more about our custom packaging printing services.

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