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Customised Food Packaging Mockup Designs for Your Brand

Product packaging development soon reaches a point where on-screen drawings no longer suffice. Yes, blueprints give you a good grasp of the overall packaging design. However, you will need a packaging mockup to test reliability, durability, and functionality. See if your packaging will serve its purpose!

If you need professional packaging mockups, reach out to us at The Pouch Shop. We offer specialised packaging production services to global clients.  Depending on our agreement, we can even deliver product mockups to wherever you are in the world. Just tell us what you need!

Digitally Printed Sample Services: Quality Packages Shipped From Melbourne

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Brands continue to trust us for our commitment to quality. Our prototypes stand a cut above the average mockups that competitors offer. To guarantee true-to-form packaging designs, we form all prototypes in our Melbourne warehouse. Our designers will closely follow your preferred branding and specifications.

Several factors contribute to high-quality packaging mockups. There's no easy route or shortcut. Luckily, our design team has the skills and resources to create any prototype. Whether you need a minimalist design or a loud pattern, we have you covered. Let your creativity run wild.

Some of the most common packaging mockups we deliver worldwide include:

Flat-Bottom Pouches

Flat-bottom pouches remain as the gold standard in food packaging. Hundreds of brands use them. Our mockup team has probably sent thousands of these packaging prototypes worldwide.

Resealable, Clear Stand-Up Pouches

Clear pouches are best for brands that have to display their items explicitly. For example: you sell cookies. Customers would need to see the actual cookies to identify their flavours and sizes.

Gusseted Bags

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Gusseted bags have extra folds at the seams, which significantly improve their durability. These bags can take a beating. Gusseted bags have the best design for weighty items like powdered milk or ground coffee.

Flat Kraft Paper Pouches

Small, easy-to-open kraft paper packets are best used for product or food samples. Use the blank panels to print your branding and logo.

Pro Tip: When creating your mockup, make sure to design the retail carton as well. Small packets cannot stand on their own. Storing or transporting these outside a secure box would put them at risk of getting damaged.

The Advantages of Packaging Mockups Over on-Screen Drawings

Do you find yourself at a loss in the middle of creating your packaging design? Manufacturing food packages requires a significant investment. It's not unusual to have doubts about the packaging design that you want to push through with.

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Fortunately, packaging mockups can address your worries. Having a physical packaging mockup available will stimulate productive market research and test true colour printing. 

You can also test for functionality. On-screen designs cannot tell you whether the packaging will keep your products safe. Remember: good packaging goes beyond aesthetics and branding.

Apart from testing functionality, having packaging mockups also allows you to:

  • Use real-life prototypes for products shoots and launches
  • Provide customers with true-to-form sample packaging
  • Use real-life prototypes when presenting promotional ideas and marketing campaigns
  • Test how different CMYK+W colours, matte, and gloss finishes look like in real life
  • Utilise the same convenience of digital printing for seasonal and promotional changes.

Get Only the Best Packaging Mockups for Your Brand

Conveying the message behind a prospective packaging design is not easy. People have varying levels of imagination. You cannot describe the intent behind your chosen colours and patterns with blueprints. 

If you wish to persuade your marketers, investors, or any third party, use a packaging mockup. A well-made mockup will do the talking for you.

Are you ready to get started? Call (03) 5280 8110 to schedule your initial consultation. Let's discuss your design. We remotely create mockups for various formats and digitally print them in Melbourne.

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