Mock Up Packaging


Product and packaging development reaches a point where on-screen concept drawings just aren’t enough- and that’s where we come in!

The Pouch Shop offers a specialised mock-up sample service, providing the opportunity for our customers to obtain a physical, true-to-form packaging product, hand-formed in our Melbourne warehouse to your specifications.

Unsure of your packaging concept, or not confident enough to commit to a full production run? A mock-up can help dispel your worries, while providing a platform for market research and/or development discussion. See how your potential consumers react to the size/style/design of your packaging before your product hits the market! They can also be used for any photography or social media marketing requirements.

You’ll be surprised how influential a physical product sample can be (especially for the less- imaginative individuals among us!). So if you’re aiming to persuade and get your idea across the line, let a mock-up do all the presenting for you. We can do mock-ups for a wide variety of packaging formats, digitally printed right here in Melbourne. So when in doubt, try a mock-up pouch!

✓ Our mock-up sample service allows you to view a finished product before committing to a full production run.

✓ Great for presenting new ideas, or trialling promotional designs and formats.

✓ Has all the benefits of digital printing, including easy adaption for seasonal or promotional changes.

✓ Locally-made, with quick turn-around time from artwork approval.

✓ CMYK+W colours, matt or gloss finishes available.