About Us

Welcome to The Pouch Shop, your Australian-based packaging and pouch supplier. 


We pride ourselves on providing small and medium-size businesses both here and in NZ with quality food packaging solutions.

Whether you're after unprinted, ready-to-label pouches to begin your product journey, or have grown your brand to the point of needing custom printed pouches for multiple designs, we have the solution to suit you.

See our online shop for Stand-Up Pouches, Flat Bottom Bags, Coffee Bags, and more. 

Or, take a look at our custom packaging printing page to find out more about our Aussie made, Short run digital print packaging options.


We're Australian owned & operated, and based in Melbourne, VIC. 




Unprinted pouches and bags are the cost effective, go-to packaging solution for small businesses, market-sellers, and boutique brands. Whether you need to get your product to market quickly, want a more traditional packaging aesthetic, or wish to utilise the same packaging for different product lines, plain pouches are the straight-forward and simple answer. 

We offer an extensive range of styles, sizes & finishes to ensure we have something that matches your needs.This includes a variety of packaging technologies, including pull-tab zipper closures, one-way valves, shaped pouches, and multiple clear window options.

You can easily personalise your unprinted packaging via customised labelling too; stick it, pack it, seal it, and sell it! Rest easy knowing that all our pouches are certified to meet Australian food safety standards, providing a high-level of security for your product and your customers.

If plain pouches sound right up your alley, you can shop the range here.

Not really a Plain Jane? That’s okay! The Pouch Shop also offers custom short- run, digitally printed pouches.



Digital printing isn’t new, but boy, has it made some impressive strides in the last few years. The breadth of colours and print detail that we can now obtain from the CMYK+W range is impressive, and has opened the door for smaller companies to present their products in packaging on-par with the traditional off-set printing used by larger brands.

We can make anything from 5000 units, right here in Australia.

Not only are we local and Australian owned, but the turn-around time ain’t too shabby, either! We believe that packaging is an extension of your brand, and non-uniform labelling or low-quality packaging reflects poorly on your product, impacting consumer perceptions and buying decisions. 

Designers can also rejoice! As digital printing requires no artwork set-up costs or cylinders, there is no need for restraint on colour choice or design differentiation between product lines. Digital printing provides the benefit of running multiple same-sized designs at the same time, alleviating the stress associated with the packaging creation process.

Here at The Pouch Shop, we combine the latest in digital printing technology and pouch-making equipment with our years of packaging expertise, providing the highest- quality service to our customers- 

We love what we do, and you will too. So... Let's Get Digital!

✓ Order anywhere from 5000 printed pouches (can be split across multiple same-size designs) and see your packs come to life.
✓ No set-up/cylinder costs like with gravure or flexo printing formats.
✓ Ability to run multiple same-size SKUS at once.
✓ Locally-made pouches can fast-track production, eliminating lengthy overseas shipping times.
✓ CMYK+W colours, matt or gloss finishes available.
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