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Keep your beef jerky products fresh for up to 12 months!


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Packaging Beef Jerky

One of the main reasons that commercial beef jerky stays good for so long (up to 1 year) is because there is no oxygen in their finished product packaging.

Beef jerky and other dried meat snacks have very specific packaging requirements. They need a very high oxygen barrier film to stay fresh. Lucky for you, The Pouch Shop offers a wide selection of product packaging if you're navigating the jerky market.

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We have stock and custom pouches and in a variety of quantities and sizes to fit your beef jerky packaging design needs. They can be tailored to your brand, so you have the freedom to put your design, logo, product information, and many others. 

These specialized beef jerky packaging bags won't just keep your products fresh. They'll also stand out in the market.

4 Packaging Options for Your Jerky Brand

Vacuum-sealed packaging options are ideal to keep your jerky products fresh for up to 2 years. Below are our customizable and functional pouches for your products:

Three Side Seal/Flat Pouches

Our Three Side Seal or Flat Pouch has a high demand being the most common packaging style for jerky bags. It offers reliable freshness for your jerky products

  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Comes with a hang hole
  • Easy filling and sealing
  • Allows for high impact graphic design and printing

See available options for our Flat Pouches.

Stand Up Pouches



Stand Up Pouches for Biltong Packaging

A Stand Up Pouch is ideal for marketing your product in a very unique way. These jerky bags stand on shelves, allowing customers to view your product in a better way and increasing their chances of selling. 

  • Excellent for shelf display and presentation
  • Space-efficient
  • Available in Clear Pouches 

Learn more about our Stand Up Pouches today.

Flat Bottom Bags

Resealable Flat Bottom Bags with Zipper

The Flat Bottom Bag is a hybrid of both Stand Up Pouch and Quad Seal. With its high shelf appeal, it's great for space utilization and design.

  • Perfect self-standing ability
  • Added branding and design space
  • Good shelf and shipping space utilization

Check out our Flat Bottom Bags.

Quad Seal/Gusset Bags

The Quad Seal Bag seals on the four corners of the bag sidebar gussets, giving the meat snacks a square shape that maximises both shelf and packing space. 

  • High strength with better stability and easy packing
  • Space-efficient
  • Can be fitted with degassing valves
  • Ideal for heavier and bulk products

See available options for our Quad Seal/Gusset Bags.

Let’s Get Started On Your Jerky Product Packaging

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