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You need top-notch packaging to guarantee that your nuts and dried fruits stay fresh. The Pouch Shop can help you ensure that your products come out of their pouches as fresh and crisp as the moment they were packed. 

Our wide range of ready-to-use and custom-printed pouches efficiently seals in flavour while keeping moisture and oxygen out. No stale surprises, just tasty perfection!

Whether you’re buying off the shelf or getting custom nuts packaging, you are assured that our pouches are high-quality and eye-catching. Plus, they offer features that promise a convenient dispensing experience for your customers all over Australia.


As essential pantry ingredients for snacking, cooking, and baking enthusiasts, nuts and dried fruits have become indispensable. Their versatility earns them a place as essentials, crafted by companies competing for the top spot. Elevate your position on that list by choosing packaging that not only preserves freshness but also stands out on shelves.
At tThe Pouch Shop, we provide customised fruit and nut packaging solutions, ensuring your roasted almonds, raw cashews, or raisins maintain optimal condition. Our pouches leave a lasting impression, enhance brand awareness, and provideguarantee customer satisfaction. They are ideal as packaging for small business



pistachio packaging

While packing nuts and dried fruits may seem straightforward, placing them into just any box or plastic bag poses the risk of ending up with stale or mouldy products. Selecting the right container is crucial to keeping the safety of your food products. That’s where The Pouch Shop steps in. 

Our innovative snack packaging solutions provide freshness while helping your brand capture the interest of shoppers. We have a range of options, from stock pouches to customisable nuts and dried fruit bags that you can enhance with easy-dispensing and storage features. 

Listed below are our most recommended nut and dried fruit packaging options:


Make your roasted walnuts and dried dates stand out at the store with our stand-up pouches. These bags go beyond practicality. They provide a visually appealing display of your delicious and crunchy treats. 

  • Sturdy and attention-grabbing - Enhance the visibility of your premium nuts and dried fruits on store shelves with our pouches. They are designed to stand upright, ensuring that they quickly catch the eye of shoppers.
  • Freshness and protection - We offer the option to add a metallised lining to our products. This safeguards your products from oxygen and moisture, preserving the food's flavour and quality for longer. 
  • Versatile sizes, finishes, and colours: Addressing the diverse packaging needs of nuts and dried fruits, our pouches come in various options through our custom packaging service. You can also add your logo and other branding elements to leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Alt tag: Flat bottom pouches with zipper closure

Need more flexibility for your packaging? Go for our flat-bottom pouches. The innovative design offers extra room on the sides and bottom for more content. It also creates a larger canvas to tell your product’s story vividly.

  • Expandable capacity - These versatile pouches are designed to expand, accommodating more walnuts and cranberries while maintaining their shape.
  • Long-term freshness assurance - These heat-sealable pouches ensure that your nuts and dried fruits maintain their freshness over time. 
  • Customisable: Tailor your packaging to meet the specific requirements of your product. Our flat bottom pouches offer a range of customisable options, including heat-sealing for freshness, easy tear notches, resealable enclosures like zippers for extended shelf life, and windows for product visibility.


kraft paper pouches for nuts and dried fruits

Craft a natural and minimalist aesthetic for your premium products with our Kraft Paper Pouches. These containers offer an earth-tone look that beautifully complements the natural essence of your nuts and dried fruit.

  • Effective Protection: We use high-barrier films that provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring the prolonged freshness and quality of your nuts and dried fruits.
  • Versatile options - Available in multiple sizes with square and oval window choices, our kraft paper pouches offer flexibility that suits various nuts and dried fruit packaging needs.


What packaging sizes are available?

Our stock pouches are available in a range of sizes suited for any snack. Choose from these amounts in net weight:

  • 250g
  • 20-70g
  • 100g
  • 150g
  • 500g
  • 750g
  • 1 kg 

Can I customise the design and branding on the nut and dried fruit packaging?

Certainly! You can showcase your brand's uniqueness by adding color graphics and an eye-catching logo. You can even enhance the pouches’ functionality with optional features. Choose a high-barrier film to protect the quality of your dried fruits, keeping moisture away. Opt for clear windows to provide a tempting view of the products. Include tear notches for easy opening and zipper closures for convenient resealing. Our team can help you come up with the perfect pouch, tailor-fit to all of your packaging needs.


Contact us anytime or send us a message, and let’s start talking about your nuts and dried fruit packaging requirements, including small batch orders. Request samples to experience our quality. Our team of experts is waiting to discuss the best packaging options for your premium products.