Coffee Packaging

How you package your coffee brand really makes all the difference. It affects the response you get from customers, the products’ ability to seal in the flavour and freshness, and – most importantly – your overall bottom line.

For these reasons, you need a coffee pouch that will help you stand out and send products flying across the register.

At The Pouch Shop, our coffee packaging maintains the freshness of your product and promotes a strong shelf presence – whether displayed in the retail store, local café, or kitchen pantry.

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Our Products

On this page you can explore the full range of coffee pouches we have on offer for you.


Coffee Bags

Just look at the advantages you get when you choose The Pouch Shop packaging:

  • Suitable for roasted coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Available with or without degassing valve
  • Wide openings available for easy filling
  • Made from highly durable materials (will not rip or tear)
  • Available with and without resealable zippers for repeated use
  • Metallised interior keeps away outside air and moisture – sealing in the flavour and freshness.
  • Ready to label, package, seal, and display!
  • Custom print Stand Up style coffee pouches available


Stand Up Pouch

  • Available in both unprinted and custom digital print options.
  • Can comfortably stand up on its own
  • Resealable for repeated usage and long-term enjoyment
  • Multiple size, colour and finish options available
  • Product window options also available


Quad-Seal Gusset Bag

  • Classic original coffee bag style
  • Wipe opening for easy filling
  • Great utilisation of space
  • Cost-effective solution for new coffee brand owners
  • Available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, with or without degassing valve


Flat Bottom Bag

  • Extra material on the sides and bottom lets the bag expand to include more product.
  • Metalized inner layer provides a sturdy barrier to oxygen and moisture
  • Long-term freshness and flavour
  • Available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, with or without degassing valve
  • Product window options also available


Do I Need a Degassing Valve?

Generally speaking, it is highly recommended that your coffee packaging – whether used to store coffee beans or ground coffee – includes a degassing valve.

Why? Because freshly roasted coffee tends to naturally releases carbon dioxide over time. Typically the process lasts for about 2 weeks after being freshly roasted. Without a degassing valve, the carbon dioxide has nowhere to go, causing the pouch to swell up with gas.

Another reason to have a degassing valve is to prevent outside air from getting into the roasted coffee. Both oxygen and moisture can harm the coffee, which greatly reduces its shelf life and quality of flavour. By having a degassing valve, the gas has somewhere to escape, without the risk of air or moisture getting inside.


How Does the Metallised Inner Layer Preserve the Coffee’s Freshness?

Metalized film is a highly effective way to insulate the coffee packaging. 

The layer itself is made up of a polymer film coated with a thin layer of metal, which offers the same glossy finish as aluminium foil at a reduced weight and cost. Most importantly, the layer has improved barrier properties to prevent air, moisture, odours, and other contaminants from entering the packaging.

As the material is lightweight and inexpensive, metalized film is used to seal a variety of food products such as popcorn, potato chips, dried fruit, nuts, and more.


What Sizes Do You Have Available?

Our coffee pouches are available in a range of sizes to comfortably store both coffee beans and ground coffee. The most common sizes we offer include 250g, 500g, 750g, and 1kg in net weight. 

Compared to rigid containers, our pouches are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport from place to place. They’re ideal for storing at home in the pantry, taking with you to work, or travelling on-the-go. Plus, the resealable zipper lets your customers consume the coffee at their own leisurely pace.

If you’re unsure which size coffee pouch is right for you, speak to our packaging experts. They’ll be happy to discuss your unique requirements and recommend the best solution for you.


Do You Print Custom Designs?

We can custom print Stand-Up coffee pouches right here in Australia. 

At The Pouch Shop, you have the freedom to give your coffee brand a unique identity that is solely yours, while supporting local manufacturing. Our simple ordering process makes it easy to personalise, print, and receive the exact type of packaging you desire.

Using the latest in digital HP printing technology, we can bring your product to life, and even print multiple same-size designs in one run without the set-up costs or large minimum order quantities associated with other printing methods. 

Whether you want an unprinted pouch, or a custom print design, the choice is yours!


Why Choose The Pouch Shop

The Pouch Shop is proudly Australian Owned & Operated, and dedicated to providing quality packaging solutions alongside genuine service to our clients, passing on our years of industry experience and knowledge to ensure the right packaging solution for your brand. 

Our passion lies in helping small to medium-sized Australian businesses and food entrepreneurs with getting their product into the ever-competitive marketplace, giving you the best chances of success. 

Of course, what really sets us apart from the rest is our personal approach. Every step of the way – from consultation and quote to manufacturing and delivery – our friendly team will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. 


Any Questions?

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