Sustainable Packaging From The Pouch Shop

Sustainable packaging continues to gain ground as the world strives to become more environment friendly. The Pouch Shop is one with this movement to minimize the impact of plastic waste and save the planet, so we continue to work on our line of eco-friendly packaging products in Australia.

Our Eco-Packaging Options

Want to know why The Pouch Shop is the best partner in your switch to environmentally friendly packaging? Our green packaging products come in several designs and sizes and can be compostable or fully recyclable!


Sustainable Packaging

Fully Recyclable Stand Up Pouches


  • Comes in stand up pouch design in small, medium and large sizes
  • The pouch sizes can hold 250 grams to 1 kilograms of goods
  • Moderate barrier to oxygen and moisture
  • Made from low-density polyethylene (PE) material that makes for better feedstock in recycling compared with mixed plastic
  • Accepted under the REDCycle Return To Store program in Australia

Custom Digital Print Pouches - Recyclable


  • Custom printed packaging can come in several bag and pouch packaging designs:
    1. Stand up pouches
    2. Flat pouches
    3. Sachets
    4. Flow wrap film
    5. Side gusset bags
  • The bags and pouches can made to have medium to high barrier, depending on your products’ packaging needs
  • Can be clear/transparent or in metalised/film finishes
  • These custom bags’ materials can be customised to be accepted under the REDCycle Return to Store program

Custom Digital Print Pouches - Home Compostable


  • Our home compostable packaging products can come in various designs:
    1. Stand up pouches
    2. Flat pouches
    3. Sachets
    4. Flow wrap film
  • Offers the most environment-friendly look and feel among our existing packaging solutions
  • This eco-friendly packaging uses a paper-based home compostable film that is certified through Vincotte
  • The pouches and bags can have medium to high barrier, depending on your products’ needs

These packaging innovations are great as coffee bags, tea packaging, confectionery & chocolate packaging and even pet food packaging! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our bags and pouches.

Still undecided over which packaging alternative to choose in your journey to sustainability? Want to know more and understand the current trends in the packaging industry’s sustainability space? We’re here to help!

FAQs About Sustainable Packaging in Australia

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging replaces single-use plastic as more businesses shift to a circular economy from linear economy to reduce packaging waste. This circular economy means choosing packaging materials that can be reused and recycled to stay within the system versus ones that go straight to landfills.

Why the shift to eco packaging in Australia?

Australia, like several other nations, recognized the increasing problem with society’s continued and heavy usage of single-use plastic, along with its irreversible environmental impact. Because of this, the Australia Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) unveiled in 2018 the country’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.

The sustainability goals are backed by the Australian government and environmental officials. APCO’s targets are as follows:

  • 100% of all Australia’s packaging will be re-usable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 or earlier.
  • 70% of Australia’s plastic packaging will be recycled or composted by 2025.
  • 30% average recycled materials will be included across all packaging by 2025.
  • Problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging will be phased out through design, innovation or introduction of alternatives.

What sustainable packaging options are available on the market now?

It’s important to understand the different kinds of eco-packaging in Australia for proper labeling. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission said companies have been using environmental claims to set their products apart and lure in more customers, but inaccurate or misleading product labels is punishable under Australian laws.

Types of eco-friendly packaging :


Biodegradable is a loose term and is commonly used on several products. By definition, it means a certain material can break down without oxygen and turn into carbon dioxide, water and biomass but without a specific time period.

Be careful with using packaging materials that claim to be biodegradable because certain kinds of biodegradable plastic does not fully decompose in a landfill and cannot be recycled either.


Compostable packaging can decompose biologically or disintegrate in commercial composting facilities. Compostable bags are plant-based packaging materials made with natural plant starch and should meet Australian standards for compostability.

Home Compostable

To be considered home compostable packaging means the bags or pouches can be tossed into a green bin or a home compost bit where it will decompose and turn into organic soil within a certain time period. This includes labels, zippers, adhesives, and even the printing ink!


Recycling is possibly one of the earliest concepts of sustainable packaging. Packaging made with recyclable materials means the packaging can be broken down and re-processed for reuse instead of going to waste. Most hard plastic or plastic that can hold its shape, like bottles, takeaway containers, and other food packaging, can be recycled into another reusable packaging or something else.

The REDCycle Return to Store Program

The REDCycle program is a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic implemented by RED Group, a consulting and recycling organisation in Melbourne. The program allows consumers to collect plastics that they can’t recycle at home and drop them off at participating supermarkets with REDcycle bins. These supermarkets are located all over Australia.

The Pouch Shop For All Your Packaging Needs

The Pouch Shop is among the best packaging suppliers in Melbourne and all of Australia. Our bags and pouches are made only with top-quality barrier materials that are sure to keep your products fresh and safe from warehouse to store shelves and until they reach consumers’ homes!

Contact us today for any packaging inquiry or more information on sustainable or eco-friendly packaging options!