Frequently Asked Questions

 Why can’t I order less than 5000 units?

 Well technically you can, but the unit cost becomes incredibly expensive due to the time and wages associated with setting up the machinery for each stage of production for smaller volumes. So that’s why we state 5000 units as our MOQ, especially as within that 5000 you can have multiple designs/SKUS (so for example, you could order 2500 of two designs). 


How is it that digital printing can only produce matt or gloss finishes, but not both?

In order to get combination finishes on packaging, a matt varnish must be applied as an overcoat to areas specified in your design to be matt, which can only be done through traditional plate and cylinder printing formats. Digital can use a matt film or a gloss standard film to make a whole design one or the other, but not both!

We are working on potential solutions in the future.... stay tuned!


Why can’t you do Flat Bottom or Spout Pouches?

These pouch types are highly specialized and require their own separate machinery to produce, as they have separate parts that must be fitted in during the bag-forming process. Unfortunately we cannot make these types of bags on our current equipment.


What happens if I need to make a change to my artwork?

Artwork changes can be made until the final artwork proof has been signed off by a member of your own team. Keep in mind however, making changes to artwork can add significant time to your order, as we must re-do all of our proofing and set-up procedures. It’s always best to ensure your artwork is correct before sending it through to our team the first time!


 What is CMYK and how does it work?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Combinations of these four colours are what make up artwork images with digital printing. If you magnify any photo image, you can see it is made up of tiny coloured dots- CMYK dots to be exact! These are dispersed by the printer to create the designs you see with your eye.  Along with the colour White, we can make up any design you need for your product.


Can you print kraft paper pouches?

The Pouch Shop can now offer printed kraft paper packaging through our custom made service. Contact us today to discuss about kraft paper packaging and whether it works for your product!


How much does it cost?

It all depends on the volume you’re ordering, the dimensions, the features you want (such as a zipper or hang hole), and the material structure you’d like.

 Because we tailor-make your pouches for you, and produce them at different times of the year with fluctuations in production/material costs, we function on a quoting system similar to many other commercial printing and manufacturing providers.

 The more information you can give us as in the first step of our guide will ensure quick and accurate  quoting for your product!


Do you have an in-house designer that I can use?

The Pouch Shop are focused on the production side of packaging design for now, and do not have an in-house graphic designer to do your artwork for you. As we have long-standing relationships within the industry however, we can recommend some great designers who have done packaging before.


Why can’t you give an exact lead time when quoting?

Lead times depend on a lot of mitigating factors, primarily how quickly your artwork is signed off for final approval, when it can be slotted into the printing schedule, how long it takes to laminate, when it can be slotted into the bag-forming production schedule, and length of time required for final QC checks before dispatch.

Because we have lots of customers ordering different quantities at different times, the wait for adding new orders can differ also, as everyone needs to get their turn!

We can generally give quite accurate lead times once your final artwork has been signed off, and we calculate when and how long your job will take.


Why does digital printing cost more than gravure or flexo per unit?

There are a range of factors that contribute to the cost differences between printing formats- firstly, gravure and flexo printing requires a much higher MOQ as these machines are large and can run 100's of meters of material per minute. Despite the set-up costs required, this allows a much greater per unit value with much larger order quantities.

Secondly,  printing inks and materials used are less expensive for large-format traditional printers as opposed to digital- think of how dear it is to fill up your printer cartridge at home for instance!

 Lastly, all of our goods are 100% Australian Made, and hence we cannot pass on the low wage costs as with bags made in offshore facilities.


I ordered 5000 pouches but only 4950 were made- why?

It is completely normal within manufacturing industries to have a tolerance within production quantities  (either under-run or over-runs) due to factors such as the following:

- Machinery set-up and testing/trial requirements

- Products failing strict quality control guidelines (misaligned seals at beginning of run, small print imperfections etc.)

- Film quantity variances

The Pouch Shop aim to get order quantities as close as possible to our customer’s requirements with minimal wastage.


How come you can’t colour match Pantone or other colour book references?

In traditional styles of printing, each colour on an artwork is provided as a separate cylinder or plate, with the film moving through each ink station for each individual colours. For specified colour references, one or more of these stations are filled with the exact colour make-up as specified within the colour-book reference, allowing for an identical colour match as required.

Digital printing does not have the capacity to fill the available ‘cartridges’ with these special colours, and apply them the same way as a cylinder or plate. Instead, all colours are made from the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White inks that are calculated by the computer system and dispersed in layers to form the available colour schemes.

There are new digital print colours now available (Orange, Green, Violet) that allow a close match capacity to PMS- if you need these special inks please let us know prior to quoting and production.