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Are you looking for the perfect rice packaging to complete your brand? 

The Pouch Shop has a wide choice of bags and pouches to choose from. Whether you need a simple, sustainable type of grain packaging or a custom one that suits your brand whilst keeping the grains fresh, you can be sure that The Pouch Shop can cater to what you need! Here are some of the best ones we offer: 

Our Rice Packaging Bags and Pouches

We take pride in providing excellent quality rice packaging options to small and medium businesses. The Pouch Shop manufactures food packaging products using only high-quality and long-lasting materials. Moreover, we pour our passion into crafting packaging, helping our clients’ products stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with us to get the best rice packaging solutions in Australia!

Here is a list of our highly suggested rice packaging bags: 

Stand-Up Pouch


Stand-up pouch for food and rice packagingStand-up pouch for food and rice packaging

A stand-up bag is one of the best food and grain packaging solutions for various reasons:

  • One of the most cost-effective rice packaging mediums in the market
  • Keeps out moisture and ensures products like rice and other grains stay fresh for long periods
  • Clear or solid pouches and bags available with plastic window 
  • Includes a resealable zip lock to allow for repeated use
  • Recyclable 100% PE pouches available for rice packaging
  • Available in different sizes, colours, and finishes

Take a look at our different Stand-Up Pouch Packaging choices.

Flat Bottom Bag 

 resealable clear/silver flat bottom bag

resealable clear/silver flat bottom bag

The flat bottom bag is also a good choice for food and rice packaging. It stands upright wherever you place it. It has gussets on both sides to allow the rice packaging to expand and hold a larger volume of grains.

Our plastic front zipper closure flat bottom bag is perfect for basmati rice. Basmati rice is aromatic, and it is important for the pouch to preserve its smell and freshness.

  • Front zipper closure technology and resealable pouch packaging
  • Available in clear or solid bags or with a clear window
  • Gussets provide extra room for your products
  • Available in different sizes, colours, and finishes

Search through our collection of Flat Bottom Pouches.

Kraft Paper Pouches

Flat bottom bag for food and rice packaging with front zipper closure

Using Kraft paper pouches will add value to your brand and products. It is made of durable paper material for added rigidity and an eco-look aesthetic. In fact, using kraft paper packaging has become a global trend.

  • Resealable rice packaging to keep your product fresh
  • Can have a clear window if you want to showcase your rice product
  • Has an earth-tone colour to go along with your brand’s aesthetic
  • Comes in different sizes

Browse our Kraft Paper Pouches for packaging rice and other food products.

Rice Packaging Sizes, Prices, and Quantities


4kg stand up pouch with handle & zipper

The Pouch Shop offers varying pouch sizes for rice packaging. They can fit portions from 250 grams up to one kilogram! Our products are highly durable. Rest assured, your customers won’t have a problem bringing your products home.

Our wholesale price is applicable when you buy 500 to 10,000 pieces of a particular pouch product. We also offer huge discounts for bulk orders!

Why The Pouch Shop is the Most Suitable Partner for Your Rice Packaging Needs? 


The Pouch Shop commits to providing high-quality product packaging solutions. We stand among the most trusted food packaging specialists in Melbourne and Australia. It is one of our goals to get global recognition in the years to come. Thus, we continue to strive and dedicate our time to developing our products. 

We are more than just a packaging company. It is our duty to aid our partners in providing an elevated customer experience. We help them preserve the quality of their product and make their packages stand out. 

The bags and pouches that our company offers are carefully crafted with your needs in mind. We only use high-quality, food grade materials to make our products live up to your expectations.

Our products also add value to your brand through our custom-printed packaging. You can give it a touch of personalization by adding your company logo or print your full product artwork. There is no other best way to distinguish your rice product than having your design on the packaging. 

Complete your brand and let your ideas shine with The Pouch Shop. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to know more about our rice packaging options. 

It is Time to Complete your Brand with our Packaging Solutions

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