Cookie Packaging

Chocolate chip cookies

Cookies are a universal treat. Almost anywhere in the world, there exists a delicious variation of this popular snack. It is enjoyed by all, whether it is covered in sugar, smothered in chocolate, or made into a savoury snack. 

With so many local and international brands selling cookies, it can be difficult for consumers to decide which ones to buy. Packaging is one way to set your company apart from the competition. It can distinguish brands from each other and showcase the many benefits of a particular product.

Customers can see the details of each product while browsing through grocery aisles or searching on the internet. Packaging can also attract a particular target market, like kids looking for a perennial favourite or adults searching for something new.

There are many benefits to having great cookie packaging. The primary benefit would be increased consumer engagement on websites and consumer awareness in marketing. There is also greater customer satisfaction when it comes to appealing and properly packaged items. 

Cookie Packaging Ideas and Trends

Assorted cookies

Custom bags

Customised product packaging allows your company to show the consumer what your brand is all about. Your brand’s story and beliefs can serve as sources of inspiration for the designs. The goal is to capture the attention of any customer by creating a good image of your brand in their minds.

Resealable Bags and Pouches

Resealable cookie bags and pouches better meet the needs and wants of today's picky customers because they can keep the quality of the cookie for a longer period. Boxes are seldom able to retain the freshness of the cookie. Cookie bags and pouches also mean that the packaging takes up less space on shelves and cupboards. 

Digital Printing 

Digital printing has many benefits. It enables businesses to truly match their packaging with their brand image. With short-runs available and no set-up costs, brands who require multiple SKUS with only a few hundred packs of each flavour can now obtain custom print packaging. The right packaging designs will effectively communicate what you represent and will help foster customer loyalty. Digital printing technology also produces clear images and text, resulting in packaging with a high-quality look and feel that stands out on any shelf.

Unique Features

When it comes to packaging cookies, generic cookie boxes and gift bags are no longer enough. To differentiate yourself from the competition, you must add a touch of uniqueness. Special features such as a zipper closure to extend shelf life, a window to see the cookie inside the bags, and a variety of finishes such as matte, glossy, clear, or kraft paper are now available from packaging manufacturers.


Cookie packaging at The Pouch Shop

kraft pouch with window

The Pouch Shop’s packaging bags and pouches provide a standout presence on shelves. Our products are also food grade to ensure only the best packaging for your product, whether it's for a cafe, a bakery, or an online shop! With the addition of your own custom labels, our pouches can also transform your product into the ideal gift or giveaway.

Resealable Bags

Our resealable bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, and they are suitable for storing any type of shelf-stable product. They can also be personalized to reflect your unique brand identity.

Clear Pouches

Clear pouches are the ultimate way to showcase your cookies on any shelf online or offline. Customers can see right through the packaging. These pouches can also be equipped with special features such as easy-tear openings and zipper closures.

Jar-Shaped Pouches

Try one of our Jar-shaped pouches for a fun and quirky twist on traditional pouch packaging! It can be a spin on the traditional 'cookie jar' but without the bulk of the actual jar. These pouches are also available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

heart shaped cookies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best option for confectionery products?

To keep moisture at bay, these products must be airtight. Pouches with a lot of space and zipper closures will keep your products fresh even after your customers have opened the packet. Stand-up pouches with oval or square windows, as well as kraft paper bags, are ideal for baker's confectionery.

How much will it cost to have custom printed packaging from The Pouch Shop?

It all depends on the quantity you order, the dimensions, the features you want (such as a zipper or a hang hole), and the material structure you prefer.

We use a quoting system similar to many other commercial printing and manufacturing providers because we tailor-make the pouches for you and produce them at different times of the year with fluctuating production/material costs.

The more information you can provide us as in the first step of our guide, the faster and more accurate our quoting for your product will be!


We understand that the packaging process is a complicated one. That's why our team is ready to help out and support your business with the perfect packaging solution. Visit any page on our website to see our wide range of items.  Call us anytime or send us a message, we would love to hear from you!