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Our off-the-shelf spout pouches are ideal for small brands looking to get their product to market quickly!

These pouches are ready for filling and labeling, with a side-oriented spout for easy use and an open top for filling. Simply heat seal shut once packed, and you are ready to sell!

They are perfect for liquid products that are compatible with a PET/Nylon/PE material structure.


250ml:* 120mm width x 185mm height + 70mm gusset

500ml:* 140mm width x 230mm height + 80mm gusset

*Approximate Volumes Only- Product dependent. 


Why Spout Pouches?

The Pouch Shop team has taken our stand up pouches and enhanced them with spouts. Spout pouches are a great alternative to plastic bottles and glass packaging because they take up less space and are mad with less carbon emissions.

Here are some reasons why our spout pouches make excellent packaging solutions for your products:

  • High Convenience:  Spout pouches are a simple and convenient form of packaging because they are flexible and easy to store. They are ideal for on-the-go consumers.
  • Economical: A stand up pouch with a spout is cheaper to produce than bulkier rigid containers; and they take up less space during transportation, making them a more cost-effective option.
  • Great Visibility: The Pouch Shop offers custom packaging solutions for our stand up spout pouch range, providing your brand with the ideal canvas.
  • Evacuation: Spout pouches are able to empty around 98% of its product contents, making it the perfect packaging product to reduce food waste. 
  • Adequate Product Protection:  Ensuring the quality of your products is critical in product packaging, which is why our stand up spout pouch has high barrier films to protect the contents from moisture and light.
  • User-Friendly Design: The spout pouch is ideal for handling and storage, with features such as a top opening for easy filling and a resealable cap.