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Confectionery packaging and chocolate packaging are vital aspects of a sweets business. It’s the first thing the customers see before tasting the product so it’s almost as important as nailing the perfect taste!

High-Quality Packaging Products From The Pouch Shop

The Pouch Shop’s packaging bags and pouches provide a standout presence on shelves and are food grade to ensure only the best packaging for your product. Whether displayed in a cafe, a shop, a bakery, or posted online! Our pouches can also transform your product into the perfect gift or giveaway with the addition of your own custom labels. Perfect for any occasion like corporate events or even  Christmas time.

Browse through our top-quality products for candy packaging, chocolate packaging, and other kinds of confectionery packaging.

Why Choose The Pouch Shop?


Our packaging bags come in varying sizes to accommodate a wide range of product portions. Here are some of the top benefits in using our pouches:

  • Suitable for most kinds of confectionery products, such as sweets, cookies, and as chocolate packaging
  • Some styles are available with or without degassing valve
  • Eco-friendly: we have fully recyclable plastic packaging options and pouches with resealable zippers for repeated use
  • Metallised interior option to seal in full freshness and flavour
  • Custom printed pouches available for targeted product packaging- view more on our custom packaging here.

Our Recommended Confectionery Packaging

 Three Side Seal/ Flat Pouches

Flat Pouches in Kraft Paper
  • Ideal for small chocolate, cookies, and candy packaging samples. 
  • Compact sizes for easy packing and maximizing storage
  • Made with quality kraft paper with inner heat seal lining.

Find Out More About Our Three Side Seal/ Flat Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches in Different Sizes and Materials

  • Resealable for repeated usage without losing freshness
  • Multiple finishes, sizes and colours available
  • Great for shelf display and lightweight- perfect for selling online!
  • Available with or without plastic film window

Flat Bottom Bags

Flat Bottom Bags

  • Available in many colours and in matte or glossy finishes
  • Available with or without degassing valve for coffee products
  • High barrier Metallised inner layer available
  • Extra room on the sides and bottom for more branding space and better packing on the shelf.
  • Available with front zipper closure options for easy filling and use.
  • Plastic window options available
See available options for Flat Bottom Bags 

Jar Shaped Pouches

Jar Shaped Pouches
  • Offers a fun look for your confectionery product
  • Great for storing at home
  • Lightweight alternative to traditional jars perfect for posting to customers
  • Available in square and round jar shapes
  • Perfect for lolly packaging 
  • Available in silver and black “lid” colors

See available options for Jar Shaped Pouches

Kraft Paper Pouches

  • Minimalist, eco-friendly look
  • Square and oval window options available
  • Earth-tone kraft paper
  • Heat-seal inner lining provides extra product protection.

See available options for Kraft Paper Pouches

If you have other questions about packaging supplies refer to our FAQs below or get in touch! Don’t hesitate to call us at The Pouch Shop to discuss your packaging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of confectionery packaging suits my item?

Food products have different packaging requirements. Check to see if your confectionery product falls on these categories to find out what kind of packaging is best.

Sugar confectionery:

  • Candied nuts or fruit
  • Pastillage
  • Chewing and bubble gum
  • Sugar-free sweet options
  • Lollies
  • Jelly products
  • Chewy candy

Candy is usually packed with metallised linings to keep moisture out. The lining prevents them from sticking to each other. Jar Shaped Pouches are also ideal, as it gives your product a more enticing appeal and still provides a good barrier to protect your product.

Clear plastic pouches work well for candy. The Pouch Shop offers eco-friendly, clear stand up pouches that are fully recyclable. Perfect for products that require a low light barrier and allow for better materials for recycling.

Chocolate confectionery:

  • Chocolate bars or drops
  • Chocolate-covered food items
  • Cremes
  • Truffles or bon bons

Pouches with plastic or metallised lining are best for chocolate packaging. It prevents air or moisture from penetrating the product. If you have a chocolate product to sell, choose wide packaging. Ideally, twice or three times the size of the net weight. This keeps the chocolate fresh, cool, and intact.

Baker’s confectionery:

  • Pastries
  • Cakes, bars, and other kinds of baked goods
  • Cookies
  • Cookie bars

These products need air tight quality to keep moisture at bay. Pouches with a lot of space and zipper closures will maintain freshness after your consumers have opened the packet. Stand up pouches with oval or square windows, kraft paper bags are the best pouches to use for baker’s confectionery. 

How does the metallised layer preserve the freshness of my products?

Stand Up Pouch packaging with metallised film layer

Confectionery packaging with metallised film provides a high barrier to both air and moisture as it uses a thin vacuum-coating of aluminium foil on polyester- almost like a tin can!insulates the products. This film layer in food packaging is one of the best materials available for keeping keeps moisture, air, and other contaminants out, and flavour and aroma inside, away to preserve the packaged content and provide a good shelf life.

What confectionery packaging sizes are available?

Available Food Packaging Materials and Sizes

Our confectionery bags are available in a range of sizes suited for sugar treats and chocolate packaging. Choose from these amounts in net weight:

  • 250g
  • 20-70g
  • 100g
  • 150g
  • 500g
  • 750g
  • 1 kg 

What colors are available?

Our line of packaging for confectionery products are available in:

  • Brown kraft paper
  • White plastic
  • Clear plastic
  • Black plastic
  • Silver and Clear plastic

Can I have a custom pouch printed for my product?

Yes, we offer custom printed packaging made to order right here in Australia! 

We can print your brand’s custom design and turn it into a product pack with that will give your product packs a striking appeal on shelves. Keep up with market trends and get creative with custom prints on your packaging.

Let’s Get Started On Your Product Packaging

Call us anytime or send us a message and let’s start talking about your packaging requirements. Our experts are waiting to discuss the best confectionery packaging options for your food product!