Heat Seal Bags

Food-producing companies and businesses around the world have been grappling with the problem of how to keep food goods fresh for a longer amount of time. Machine technology advancements, such as the development of heat sealing machines, have made it feasible to find a number of solutions to this challenge.

When combining thermoplastic materials, like polyethylene and polypropylene, that require a moderate temperature to establish a strong seal, a technique known as impulse heat sealing is commonly used. This procedure produces heat seal bags, which have been both cost-efficient and effective in prolonging the shelf life of food.

All pouch packaging supplied by The Pouch Shop is heat sealable.

Quality Heat Sealing with The Pouch Shop

There is a common misconception that a company has to shell out large amounts of money for heat sealers and good quality product packaging; but that's not always the case. If you need either of those things, The Pouch Shop has got you covered. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions as well as cost-efficient heat sealers.

30 cm table top heat sealer

30 cm Table Top Hand-Operated Impulse Sealer

Our table top, hand-operated impulse heat sealer is the ideal choice for those packing products by hand either at home or with limited production space.

35cm foot pedal heat sealer

35 cm Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer

This 35cm foot pedal impulse heat sealer is the ideal choice for those who require greater speed and control throughout the hand-packing process.

Packaging Solutions by The Pouch Shop

Kraft flat pouch

Resealable Flat Pouches

Resealable bags and pouches are great for food products that cannot be consumed in one sitting. Our flat pouches are ideal for smaller food items such as coffee, tea, and spices. They have a three-sided seal, which allows for longer shelf life and maximises shelf space.

Retort pouches

Retort Pouch

Our high-barrier retort stand-up pouches are specifically designed to withstand retort processing and sterilisation. This is perfect for delicate items that require proper moisture and oxygen protection and an extended shelf life, like soups, stocks, and marinades. Please contact us for information on how to retort your products.

Recyclable stand-up pouch

Sustainable Bags

The Pouch Shop is part of the movement that aims to reduce plastic waste and help save the planet; and we are continuing to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions. We are pleased to provide a fully recyclable alternative to our standard line of Stand Up Pouch Bags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the heat sealing process?

Putting heat and pressure on two types of thermoplastic to make them stick together is called heat sealing. Heat is used to seal or weld two thermoplastics together in a direct contact method. A hot die or sealing bar is used to do this. This process results in heat seal bags, which are a great way to preserve food products.

Can you heat seal all plastic bags?

At the Pouch Shop, all of the packaging solutions we offer can handle heat seal packaging. Check out our range of quality products here and see the many benefits of choosing The Pouch Shop for your packaging solutions.

Are there any benefits to heat sealing bags?

Yes, there are a number of reasons why heat seal bags are chosen by many companies to package their products.

  • Safety. Heat sealing bags ensure that any tampering with the packaging is immediately detected. There is no way to return it to its original state once it has been opened without leaving a mark. Many businesses actually demand this from their packaging suppliers because it gives everyone peace of mind that what they are buying is safe.
  • Extended Shelf Life. When food is placed inside heat sealer bags, it retains its freshness. An airtight seal is achieved by applying heat and pressure to the adhesive area, preventing any contaminants from entering.
  • Clean Look. Labeling and printing on bags and pouches can be done in conjunction with heat sealing. Heat seal bags give product packaging a clean look that will look great on any shelf.

The Pouch Shop can assist you in achieving your brand's goals with our wide range of flexible packaging solutions. Have fixed unit specifications in mind but are scared it will cost too much? TPS offers competitive prices that won't break the bank along with helpful experts who want to give you what you want.