Body Scrub & Bath Salt Packaging

Packaging Options for Longer Shelf Life 

Body care products need high-quality and stylish packaging. The Pouch Shop’s body scrub and bath salt packaging options are here to help you make a mark in the ever-growing self-care industry. 

With our huge selection of resealable or heat sealable pouches and bags, you'll be sure to extend your product's shelf life. Check out which of our Australian-made packaging solutions would suit your products best.


Epsom Salts Packaging

Preserving Product Quality

Self-care products like bath salts and body scrubs should be stored in sturdy bags that wouldn’t absorb their essential oils. Not to mention, you have to keep it safe from the external environment. Even just a slight exposure to air and moisture can affect the aroma and induce clumping of the crystals.

Bath salts and sugar scrubs are often stored in glass jars and bottles for preservation. But, because these packaging options are fragile, they make transportation trickier.

To keep your personal care products’ quality, opt for The Pouch Shop’s air-tight and resealable bags. Available with convenient zipper closures, our pouches are a great choice for reusability. 

Durable Body Scrub and Bath Salt Packaging Options for You

Dead Sea bath salt packaging


Ingredients like salt or sugar tend to make bath salts and body scrubs heavy. As such, you need pouches that can carry the bulk and weight without collapsing on the shelf.

Among all our resealable bags, our Stand Up and Flat Bottom pouches are the best in offering durable support. Coming in a wide variety of sizes, our bags can accommodate products that weigh 28g to 4kg.

Stand Up Pouches

Clear and silver-backed stand up pouches with tear notch and zipper closure

Made with top-quality materials, our Stand Up Pouch guarantees your products will last longer. Using them has a number of benefits but overall, their charm lies in the product visibility they offer. They’re more noticeable on shelves as they can stand on their own when filled with bath salt or body scrub

  • Available in clear, glossy, matte, or kraft paper options
  • Some varieties come in metalised inner layer for better preservation

Check out our wholesale Stand Up Pouches that would work great as body scrub packaging.

Flat Bottom Bags

The space-efficient Flat Bottom Bag can also serve as a packaging for bath salts and body scrubs. With side gussets, these stable bags can be expandable to accommodate more product inside.

  • Takes less shelf space
  • More surface area for packaging design and details

See which of our Flat Bottom Bags would be perfect for your product.

Make Your Products Stand Out

With body scrub packaging that stands on the shelf, you’ll be sure to bring more attention to your products. But if you want to highlight them more, we recommend giving your customers a peek of the goodness inside.

Alt text: Flat bottom kraft paper pouch with square windows are great as bath salt packaging

Showcase the colourful crystals of your bath salts and body scrubs with our windowed or clear pouches. In doing this, you boost your product's shelf-appeal as your customers get a preview of what they can have. You elevate your customers’ experience with the packaging and make your brand more memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these bath salt bags and body scrub packaging customisable?

If you want your brand to shine, The Pouch Shop is here to help you customise your body scrub and bath salt packaging. Place your logo, design, and product information about your body scrub with our digital-printed packaging options.

Are there any eco-friendly or recyclable packaging for bath salts and body scrubs?


The Pouch Shop has recyclable pouches to help you minimise plastic waste. With our custom-printed eco-friendly packaging, you no longer have to search for more sustainable options. 

Do you provide product samples?

If you can't decide which bath salt bags to get in wholesale, send us a message. We'll happily send out the samples of the items you want -- customised or not -- wherever you are in Australia or NZ. 

Got any more questions on how you can take your bath salt packaging to the next level? Feel free to contact us. We're always here to help you out!