High-Quality Heat Sealers For Your Products

Securely sealing your plastic bags plays a crucial role in product packaging. Doing so prevents contamination, extends product shelf life, and keeps perishable goods fresh.

Many think that business owners have to shell out thousands of dollars to seal their goods and other materials. This is a common misconception. Only large factories make use of industrial-grade machines or hire service specialists.

If you need quality, cost-efficient heat sealers, reach out to The Pouch Shop! We are reputable packaging suppliers in Melbourne, Australia trusted for our practical packaging solutions with an affordable price range.

Do you need airtight plastic bags to keep your food products fresh? Or are you looking for efficient ways to seal large volumes of plastic bags regularly? We have you covered! Our high-grade heat sealers suit a wide range of business ventures.


Heat Sealers

Top-Notch Heating and Sealing Technology for Your Brand

Our heat-sealing machines allow clients to hermetically seal their packaging materials. Thus, creating an airtight seal that allows neither oxygen nor moisture to seep inside of the bag.

Heat sealing creates an extra layer of protection for your goods. Bags with flimsy closures like zippers and buttons do not guarantee airtight protection.

Plus, our packaging comes with a standard heat-sealable inner Polyethylene (PE) layer. Integrating our heat-sealing machines with modern, state-of-the-art impulse heat technology leads to better product packaging results. Added protective barriers go a long way in keeping plastic bags secure.

How Impulse Heat Sealers Keep Your Plastic Bags Secure

The heat sealer works by allowing constant heat to penetrate through the inner layer of the packaging pouch, then seal from the inside. We use a metal strip covered with a specialised Teflon tape to seal.

The bag sealer only needs a few seconds to seal the bag or pouch for full product protection. You'll see the lights turn off once the sealer finishes.

Our heat sealers use impulse sealer technology. Customers can choose from either our tabletop hand sealer and foot-operated, self-standing heat sealer.

Tabletop Hand Sealer

For compact and easy sealing from the comfort of your own home.


  • Style: 30cm Hand Held Impulse Sealer
  • Impulse Power: 430W
  • Sealing Length: 300mm
  • Sealing Width: 5mm
  • Voltage: 240V AC

Comes with:

  • 18 Month Warranty
  • 5 Additional Heat strips and 2 Teflon pieces

Self-Standing Foot-Operated Sealer

This machine best suits larger operating spaces.


  • Style: 35cm Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer
  • Impulse Power: 400W
  • Sealing Length: 350mm
  • Sealing Width: 5mm
  • Voltage: 240V AC
  • Double Sealer (Upper & Lower)

Comes with:

  • 18 Month Warranty
  • 5 Additional Heat strips and 2 Teflon pieces

Both models come with an 18-month warranty for peace of mind. Also, our friendly team is happy to assist with any operation questions the customer may have. We strive to provide safe and effective packaging solutions.

Got Questions About Our Heat Sealers?

Look no further for the best heat sealers in the business! If you still have questions or other inquiries about our range of heat sealers, contact us now so you can choose the best model that best fits your business!