Our Kraft Paper Packaging Options

Kraft Stand Up Pouch

There are many benefits to using kraft paper packaging. Its durability and physical protection barriers have led to its widespread use in the packaging industry.

The Pouch Shop offers Kraft Stand Up Pouches ideal for different products, from coffee beans to pet food. We stand out by offering superior shelf life through the use of the best possible barrier materials available in the industry. Our design process also emphasizes user friendliness, as evidenced by the addition of features such as optional zippers, windows, and gussets.


Kraft Paper Pouches


What is Kraft Paper Packaging?

Sustainable packaging solutions have grown in popularity as people both inside and outside the packaging industry become more aware of pressing environmental issues. Consumers are opting to support brands and businesses that are making an effort to reduce their environmental impact and contribute positive change. Depending where you are in the world, kraft paper packaging can be deemed as a sustainable option. Here in Australia, these pouches are not accepted through recycling just yet.

Kraft paper, composed of 80 percent wood pulp, is a popular choice because it is ideal and very durable. It has a natural colour, and it is made of biodegradable and compostable materials that have not been bleached.

Kraft paper is stronger than regular paper due to its low lignin content and high sulphur ratio. Regular paper is bleached extensively to achieve the lighter coloration, which reduces paper strength and raises manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Our Stand Up Kraft Paper Pouches?

The stand up pouch has revolutionised the packaging industry by combining the flexibility of paper ziplock bags with the shelf presence of self-standing packaging options such as cartons and bottles.

Our team goes a step further by offering custom printed stand up pouches, allowing businesses to showcase their brand through vibrant logos and designs. The following features can also be added to our kraft paper packaging solutions to enhance the appearance and entice the consumer.

  • Side gusset
  • Bottom gusset
  • Zipper closure
  • Windows

Benefits of Our Kraft Paper Packaging Solutions

Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Lower Handling and Shipping Costs

Companies prefer kraft paper stand up pouches over bottles and other bulkier packaging options because they keep products safe while being significantly lighter. This results in lower transportation costs per product shipped for businesses.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Kraft paper pouch bags are made of high barrier materials, allowing for quality preservation and a longer shelf life. Its versatility also allows for design improvements that lead to increased functionality, convenience and practicality.