Cereal Packaging


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Want your breakfast cereals to grab attention? Then get the best cereal packaging from The Pouch Shop!

We provide small and medium-sized Australian businesses with quality food packaging solutions. We’ll not only make your cereals stand out, but we’ll also give it personality.


At The Pouch Shop, we take packaging seriously. Here are five reasons why you should give your cereals our quality food packaging.

To Make a Good First Impression

Packaging can either make or break your brand. To make a good first impression, you need the best packaging solutions money can buy. With The Pouch Shop, your cereals will make an unforgettable superhero entrance.

To Raise Brand Awareness

Proper presentation gives products an entire narrative that can help increase brand awareness. Through our cereal packaging, our company will draw curiosity around your brand. This not only makes your cereals more recognizable, but it also increases your customers’ awareness.

To Keep Your Cereals Fresh

Air and moisture can alter the quality of your cereal flakes over time. The Pouch Shop can help you avoid that through our food packaging Melbourne solutions. With our products, you can extend the shelf life of your cereals. This allows customers to store your products longer, increasing their satisfaction levels.

To Boost Your Sales

The type of food packaging you choose can influence your sales. Most consumers rely on it when picking which products to pull off the shelf. Granted, some of them may do research before buying, but you can’t expect everyone to do that. Through The Pouch Shop’s eye-catching products, you can make sure that your cereal gets chosen. This inevitably increases your customers, boosting your sales along the way.

To Give Unique Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the factors that will decide if your brand will fly. If you give consumers something they won’t get elsewhere, then you’ve already won. The Pouch Shop can help you do that! With our clever cereal packaging solutions, you will win your customers’ hearts.


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As a leading packaging material supplier in Australia, The Pouch Shop can help you tell a good story. Our breakfast cereal and granola packaging options include:

Stand-Up Pouches

Making your cereals available in stand-up pouches has many benefits. For one thing it will keep the product fresher than cardboard boxes. You can also have it customized easily. And it’s cheaper compared to other packaging methods.

Stand-up pouches in The Pouch Shop come in different sizes and finishes. They’re made with top-notch materials that ensure longer shelf life. And you can have zippers or zip locks added to each pouch to make them resealable and reusable.

Available stand-up pouches in The Pouch Shop include:

Clear Pouches

Gives customers a glimpse of your product without compromising its freshness or quality. Aside from cereal and granola packaging, you can use it to store other dry food.

Available Options
  1. Clear Front and Back
  2. Clear Front and Silver Black

Kraft Stand-Up Pouches

Features an inner layer that protects your cereals from moisture. It will also give your product an eco-friendly look and a unique shelf presence. This allows your cereals to attract more customers.

Available Options
  1. Kraft Stand-Up Pouch with Zipper Closure
  2. Kraft Stand-Up Pouch with Oval Window

Jar-Shaped Pouches

Gives your cereal stand-up pouches a fun and appealing look. And it serves as a lighter alternative to traditional jars. Aside from cereals, you can use it for confectionery packaging.

Available Options
  1. Round Jar-Shaped Pouch
  2. Square Jar-Shaped Pouch

Flat-Bottom Bags

Flat-bottom bags can be useful when storing and promoting your cereal brand. It certainly offers many advantages. For starters, they're more secure and stable than other cereal packaging options. Their flat bottoms make it relatively easier to place them in storage areas.

Flat-bottom bags also come with side gussets where you can print graphics and what-not. This will help you sell your product. But most importantly, they can hold more cereals and use less material. This makes it cheaper than other packaging methods.


But The Pouch Shop doesn’t stop at providing you with cereal or granola packaging solutions. To enhance your market appeal and improve your brand, we also offer the following:

Custom Digital Print Packaging

Digital marketing is one of the best ways for you to promote your cereal brand. The Pouch Shop can help you go digital by providing you with stunning visuals and design.

Our company can create some customized prints for your cereal packaging. Using CMYK+W colours, we can make up any design you want for your products. You can also pick between matt and gloss varnishes when finishing the pouches.

Additionally, we edit or revise the design until you approve the final artwork. Keep in mind that editing the art will take time depending on the changes. So better check if your artwork is correct before sending it to us.

Mock-Up Packaging

On-screen concept drawings aren’t always enough to sell your brand. To give yours that final push, you need to present packaging mock-ups and samples. And that’s where The Pouch Shop comes in.

The Pouch Shop hand-forms physical, true-to-form mock-up products to your specifications. This allows you to get a glimpse of the cereal package before committing to its production. Through our mock-ups, you can present your ideas more clearly, as well as try out new designs or formats.


If you want your cereal brand to stick the landing, best to get good packaging from The Pouch Shop. With our packaging solutions, your product will definitely become a hit in no time.

Got any other questions about our cereal packaging services? Feel free to send us a message or call us anytime.