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Want to make your snacks fly off store shelves? Look no further than The Pouch Shop’s snack food packaging. We offer a wide variety of bags and pouches. This type of packaging is designed to showcase your delectable treats in the most enticing way possible. 

Whether you’re buying off the shelf or getting  custom snack packaging, our pouches are  high quality and attention-grabbing. Plus, it guarantees the freshness of your nuts, chips, crackers, and sweets. Your products will surely be a hit among snack enthusiasts all over Australia.


Snacks have become quite a popular supermarket item. Consumers turn to snacks for something quick and convenient to eat. This development makes it crucial for snack companies to choose the right packaging. Companies need the perfect container that will set their product apart. 

At The Pouch Shop, we understand that using the right packaging is key to success. The container has to make a lasting impression, raise brand awareness, keep products fresh, boost sales, and ultimately deliver customer satisfaction. We carry jerky packaging and more for snack brands looking to get ahead.


Custom food packaging

Say goodbye to stale snacks! With our top-notch packaging, your chips, nuts, pretzels, and jerky will stay crispy, crunchy, or fresh longer.  

We use only the best designs and quality materials available on the market. This is to ensure longer shelf life and maximum flavour retention for your snacks. What’s more, these products can be customised to reflect your brand’s identity. Our pouches will make your snacks stand out on the shelves.

Listed below are our most recommended snack food packaging options:


Stand up pouches

Stand-up pouches are the ultimate game-changer. These bags are not only practical but also provide a visually appealing display for your snacks. Our recommended stand-up pouches let your products shine on store shelves.

Why Choose Stand-Up Pouches for Snack Packaging:

  • Sturdy and attention-grabbing - This design allows your product to stand upright. It ensures maximum visibility for your snacks.
  • Freshness and protection - With  some pouches offering a metallised lining, they can  safeguard your snacks from oxygen and moisture. This feature preserves food flavour and quality. 
  • Customisable and convenient - We can create stand-up pouches in various sizes, finishes, and colors through our custom packaging service. The design offers ample room for customisation. Add a plastic film window to showcase your delicious treats, or you can opt for a solid design that exudes elegance. Promote your brand with our custom-printed packaging.


Flat bottom pouches with windows

Flat bottom pouches offer unparalleled convenience and freshness for your snack products. This packaging option offers extra room on the sides and bottom so you can push your branding even further. Tell your snack brand’s story and capture more attention with our flat bottom pouches.

Why Choose Flat Bottom Pouches for Snack Packaging:

  • Expandable capacity- These custom flexible packaging pouches are designed to expand. The flexible pouches can accommodate more product while maintaining their shape. 
  • Versatile options - We offer flat bottom pouches in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes. 
  • Long-term freshness assurance - With our pouch’s effective seal, your snack foods will maintain freshness over time. 
  • Optional plastic window - Want to give your customers a sneak peek of your delicious snacks? We offer flat bottom pouches with plastic window features.


Jar-shaped Pouches

Looking to add a touch of fun and uniqueness to your packaging? Jar-shaped pouches are the answer! 

Why Choose Jar-Shaped Pouches for Snack Packaging:

  • Fun and eye-catching design - Jar-shaped pouches bring a playful look to your products. They instantly stand out on store shelves and capture the attention of your customers. 
  • Lighter and convenient - Jar-shaped pouches provide a lightweight solution for your snack packaging. They are easy to handle, transport, and store. Plus, they’re durable too. They are the perfect option for online sellers.
  • Versatile applications - These pouches provide an ideal packaging option for a variety of snack products. They can hold anything from crackers to pretzels. All your healthy snacks can fit, and it can even be used as chocolate packaging


What snack packaging sizes are available?

Our bags and pouches are available in a range of sizes suited for any snack. Choose from these amounts in net weight:

  • 250g
  • 20-70g
  • 100g
  • 150g
  • 500g
  • 750g
  • 1 kg 

How does the metallised layer preserve the freshness of my products?

We offer a metallised film layer feature for many of our  packaging products. This layer provides exceptional freshness preservation for your snacks. The film keeps moisture, air, and contaminants out. It also locks in the flavor and aroma of your snack product.

Can I customise the design and branding on the snack packaging?

Yes, we offer custom printed snack packaging made to order in Australia. Our custom printing services allow you to capture the attention of your target market with your brand's unique graphics and story. Create the perfect snack food packaging to help your products stand out on shelves.


Contact us anytime or send us a message and let’s start talking about your snack packaging requirements. Request for samples. Our team of experts are waiting to discuss the best packaging options for your yummy snacks.