How To Choose Best Type of Popcorn Packaging

How To Choose Best Type of Popcorn Packaging

Printed Popcorn Packaging

Everything You Need  To Know About the Best Types of Popcorn Packaging 2021 

Every popcorn company knows that keeping these foods fresh comes with several hindrances. Even the slightest  exposure to moisture will affect their quality. Remember: customers demand only the best-tasting popcorn on the market. Stale popcorn that tastes like styrofoam will never sell.

How do you keep pre-popped popcorn fresh for several weeks? The answer: use quality popcorn packaging. Trust us—packaging popcorn properly goes a long way in retaining taste and quality. Invest in quality bags and pouches.

Our Top Recommendations on Packaging Popcorn

Does your company sell popcorn? The market offers dozens of different ways to professionally package popcorn. While diversity offers great flexibility, first-timers might find multiple options confusing. 

Centre Seal Bag For Packaging Popcorn

Luckily, we can help. Check out the solutions below for a clear-cut starting point on how to bag and seal popcorn:

Clear Stand-Up Pouches

Clear flat-bottom bags let customers see inside your bags without actually opening them. This feature best suits brands with various flavors. For example, let’s say you sell caramel, plain, and cheese popcorns. You can label the packaging, of course, but it’s better if shoppers could tell the flavors from one look.

Resealable Stand-Up Pouches 

Stand Up Pouch Packaging for Popcorn

Recyclable Stand Up Pouch - Clear, Resealable

If you make pre-popped popcorn, resealable packaging is a must. A regular bag or box would expose your popcorn and compromise its overall quality. Meanwhile, resealable bags allow repeated usage. 

Looking for kraft bags? We have a range of kraft bags with and without windows that will protect your product while looking great on the shelf.

A good way to maximize resealable closures is to place at least two to three servings per bag. Give your customers the chance to make the most out of these pouches. After all, they can close the zipper any time they want. 

We can also create custom print pouches for your popcorn product! 

Gusseted Bags

Tough, sturdy gusseted bags are the perfect option for both popped and unpopped kernels. While they cannot stand on their own when empty, the extra folds on their sides boosts durability and packing space. These bags were made to carry weighty items for extended periods.

We can create custom print gusseted centre seal bags for popcorn products,

Jar-Shaped or Popcorn Shaped Pouches

Popcorn Shaped Pouch Packaging

Separate your brand from the dozens of other popcorn brands with jar-shaped pouches. These jars give your product a unique, fun look. New brands and startups can further utilize this design to draw attention to their items.

Cost-Efficiency Tip: Switch from glass jars to jar-shaped pouches. The latter costs two to three times less, plus you can still recycle them for sustainability. Your buyers would also appreciate that they weigh significantly less. Heavy, bulky jars use too much shelf space.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Popcorn Packaging

How do you package popcorn for shipping?

For corn kernels, use food packaging options that can withstand weighty food products. Go with either a small paper box or gusseted pouch. 

For food brands that sell pre-popped popcorn, you would need airtight packaging. Ensure that your product stays sealed all throughout the transportation process. Otherwise, the popcorn you sell might turn stale before they even reach the customer.

Can you use popcorn for packaging?

You can use real popcorn as your packaging instead of plastic. However, a study from the 90s shows that these don’t make great materials since they’re prone to various risks. 

Firstly, they attract pests. All types of insects are drawn to them, thus compromising the sealed product. Secondly, they don’t hold well  against pressure. Studies show that packaging made of real popcorn is flammable and weak against water.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on popcorn-based packaging anymore.  We carry an extensive range of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options. Keep your products safe without increasing your carbon footprint.

How do you keep popcorn fresh?

Branded Plastic Popcorn Packaging

Use resealable pouches. Quality packaging plays a crucial role in the freshness of any  popcorn product. Both corn kernels and pre-popped popcorn turn stale when exposed to outside air and moisture. 

Get Quality Popcorn Packaging Today!

Do you need help producing your popcorn packaging? Turn straight to us at The Pouch Shop. We provide professional packaging options to various partner brands worldwide. Whether you need a stand-up pouch or a resealable jar, our team has you covered.

Contact us to get started on your order. Every company has varying packaging needs, so you cannot use generic-looking solutions. Cookie-cutter designs never work out. But don’t worry because our designers will guide you through the process. Just tell us what  you need!