Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Closure- Clear Front/Gloss Black Back

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 Our stand up pouch is perfect for packing a wide variety of products, and all sizes except for the 28g comes with a zipper closure for re-sealability after opening.

Pouch Dimensions:

70g : 110mm width x 170mm height + 70mm gusset 

150g: 130mm width x 210mm height + 80mm gusset 

250g: 160mm width x 230mm height + 90mm gusset (NEW STOCK)

500g: 190mm width x 265mm height + 110mm gusset

1kg:   235mm width x 345mm height + 120mm gusset 

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 (pcs/carton)

*Approximate Weights Only- Product dependent. TPS use coffee beans as a standard measuring product for our off the shelf pouches.