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Flat Bottom Bags


What Are Flat Bottom Bags?

Matt black flat bottom pouch

A flat bottom bag, to put it simply, is a type of packaging solution with a square or rectangular base for shelf stability and gusset packaging features to accommodate more product volume. They are also known as square bottom or box bottom bags and are typically made of paper, aluminum, or LDPE (low-density polyethylene).

Why Choose A Flat Bottom Gusset Bag?

Numerous brands have opted to use flat bottom pouches as their preferred food packaging options, evident by their increasing presence in grocery stores, because they combine the versatility of flexible packaging with the protection from a rigid material.

Benefits of using this premium packaging option include:

Reduced Overall Costs

Flat bottom gusset bags require fewer materials to manufacture and take up less space during transportation than traditional packaging options. Side gusset bags expand, allowing more space for packaging products; and it increases the product-to-package ratio.

They also eliminate the need for external layers to protect the product from damage or contaminants. All these factors contribute to lower material and transport costs, ultimately lowering overall manufacturing costs.

Improved Shelf Presence

Flat bottom gusset bags are not only cost-effective, but they also significantly enhance the shelf presence of any product. This is due to the fact that they were designed in such a way that companies have significantly more space on the front and side panels on coffee bags, for example, for any logos and branding, visually catching the attention of customers.

The flat bottom also allows for more stable product packaging, which increases customer satisfaction and gives the product a premium look. When you combine excellent printing quality with a great product format, you have a solution that truly stands out.

Addition of a Variety of Features

Flat bottom pouches are an excellent packaging solution in almost every aspect, and The Pouch Shop goes a step further by giving our clients the option to add extra packaging features that meet the needs of their products.

Our flat bottom pouches can:

  • Be heat sealed to lock in freshness;
  • Have easy tear notches for convenience;
  • Be equipped with resealable enclosures like zippers for extended shelf life;
  • Include windows so consumers can get a glimpse of the product; and
  • Be made using eco-friendly materials.