Gusseted Bags

Opting for packaging with gussets is a great way to pack more products while using fewer materials. Browse our collection of high-quality gusset bags below:

Flat bottom bags for coffee beans

Gusseted bags

Opting for packaging with gussets is a great way to pack more products while using fewer materials. Browse our collection of high-quality gusset bags below:


What is a Gusset in Packaging?

Side gusset bag

A gusset is a piece of packaging that is folded in on itself to create extra space within the bag. This innovation is usually for an increase in product volume. A gusset can be placed on the packaging's side or bottom. A bottom gusset not only adds space, but it also allows the packaging to stand on its own.

Market Applications for Gusset Bags

Gusseted bags are popular in a wide range of markets due to their design, which can accommodate for greater volume and weight of products. They are also a favoured option for both manufacturers and consumers due to the additional features that can be added onto the packaging.

Our team is proud to supply businesses across Australia and the world with gusseted bags. Below are market applications for gusset bags (or you can visit our website for other packaging solutions your business might need!)

Coffee Beans

Coffee bean gusset bag

With the coffee industry continuing to grow at its current rate, manufacturers need to constantly improve how they package their product. A gusset bag provides the convenience of large packaging while also allowing for details like valves to ensure freshness.

Confectionery Goods

Clear gusseted bag

Confectionery goods don’t have to just taste good, the packaging also has to look great. Gusset bags are the perfect way to present your sweets to the market because of how customisable it is. With different material options and lots of customisable features, your products will surely stand out on any shelf.

Body Scrubs and Bath Salts

Bottom gusseted bath salts pouch

The Pouch Shop provides custom gusseted pouches for body scrubs and bath salts, giving you a competitive advantage in the self-care market. Choose packaging that can withstand the weight without collapsing on the shelf. High barrier materials also provide protection against light and moisture.

The Many Benefits of Bags with Gusset

Increases Product to Packaging Ratio

The filling volume is one of the most noticeable advantages in packaging with gussets. An empty cereal box can appear to hold more product than an empty side gusset bag. But the side gusset pouch, on the other hand, is able to expand as the bag fills, allowing it to hold more product.

Improves shelf presence

Any pouch or bag with a bottom gusset can stand on its own, making it more stable and appealing on any store shelf. The design of a gusseted pouch also allows for plenty of surface area for showcasing product branding and logos through print packaging.

According to research data, consumers are most likely to buy the first product that catches their attention; so as a business, you will want to have packaging that is able to stand out from the competition

Contributes to a decrease in waste

The increased product to packaging ratio also means that there is less material needed to manufacture a gusset bag compared to boxes (which holds the same volume of product). This reduces overall costs and also decreases the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Customisable to meet brand needs

Gusset bags come in a variety of sizes and materials, including kraft paper, traditional plastic, and sustainable options that our team can tailor to your brand's needs.

If you have any questions about material choice or sizing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!