Retort Stand Up Pouch - Matte White

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Our high-barrier retort stand up pouches have been specially designed to withstand retort processing and sterilisation. Perfect for delicate products such as soups, stocks and marinades that need high protection from moisture and oxygen, as well as long shelf life once retorted. 

Like all our products, these retort pouches are heat sealable. 

Free from metalised films and aluminium foil, these pouches are also safe for microwave heating.

340ml:* 140mm width x 185mm height + 40mm gusset

500ml:* 140mm width x 225mm height + 40mm gusset

1L:*  160mm width x 285mm height + 40mm gusset

*Above volume sizing is an approximation and dependent on product viscosity.

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 (pcs/carton) 


What is Retort Packaging?

Retort packaging is made from specialty materials to withstand the high temperatures required to properly sterilise product within a retort chamber.

Just like with canned goods, retort pouches are filled with product, sealed, and then undergo retort processing in order to destroy any microbes that may cause food spoilage and ensure a long shelf life is achieved. 

Not all products need to undergo retort processing, however sensitive products such as some soups and stocks (such as those with dairy or animal protein content) may require it depending on their ingredients and storage requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Clients packing certain food products into our retort pouches must ensure they undergo correct retort processing. If you're unsure, get in touch with us for a contract packer recommendation, who can help you retort your product safely.