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Stand up pouches are convenient, resealable packaging bags that can stand on their own when filled. If you’re looking... Read more


Stand Up Pouches

Why Pick Stand Up Pouches For Packaging Your Products?

A stand up pouch is a revolutionary flexible packaging product that replaces bulkier and heavier packaging alternatives. It can be used for various applications, for both dry and wet goods, and is easy to customise in print design and branding.

Pouch Size by Content Weight

Pouch Size Width Height Gusset
28 grams 80mm 130mm 50mm
70 grams 110mm 185mm 65mm
150 grams 130mm 225mm 70mm
250 grams 160mm 230mm 90mm
500 grams 190mm 265mm 110mm
1 kilogram 235mm 345mm 120mm
2 kilograms 300mm 370mm 160mm
4 kilograms 355mm 435mm 130mm

The stand up pouch has two main features:

1. Gusset bottom - The gusset feature gives the stand up pouch an expandable bottom. This allows the pouch to stand up on its own when filled to a certain weight.

2. Zipper top - Another popular design feature is the zipper closure. This makes the pouch bag resealable and great for continued use and storage.

Main advantages of using stand up pouches:

  • Easier to pack and transport compared with bottles, jars and cans. This also means reduced carbon footprint when it comes to deliveries and transportation!
  • Instant savings! These pouches are cheaper than most food packaging solutions.
  • Optimized for labelling and printing.
  • Display them anywhere! Because of its gusset bottom and stand-up feature, these pouches are easy to arrange on tables or shelves.

Clear Pouches

  • Available options:
    1. Clear front and back.
    2. Clear front, silver back.
  • Benefits: Get these stand up clear pouches to showcase your products without compromising its freshness and overall quality.
  • Best used as dry food packaging.

Black or White Stand Up Pouches

  • Available Options:
    1. Black Matte
    2. Gloss Black
    3. Matte White
    4. Gloss White
  • Benefits:Versatile food packaging bags that are optimised for custom prints and creative designs!
  • Best for a wide variety of products from sweets, snacks, pet food, coffee beans or powder, and other food and non-food items.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches

  • Available options:
    1. Kraft paper stand up pouch with zipper closure
    2. Kraft paper stand up pouch with oval window
  • Benefits:Kraft paper pouches come with an inner layer that serves as a moisture barrier for your products. These packaging bags give product packs an eco-friendly look and a unique shelf presence.
  • Best for grains, teas, oats, peanuts and even meat jerky! These are also popular packs to use as coffee bags for packaging your coffee beans.

Jar-Shaped Pouches

  • Available options:
    1. Round jar shaped pouches (Capacity: 750 milliliters (ml) to 800 ml)
    2. Square jar shaped pouces (Capacity: 850 ml to 900 ml)
  • Benefits: Offers a fun look and lightweight alternative to traditional jars. Can come in silver or black “lid” colors to complete its visually appealing look.
  • Best for candy and other confectionery packaging.

Environment Friendly Options

  • Available options:
    1. Fully recyclable clear pouch
    2. Custom-made home compostable pouches (Contact us for more details)
  • Benefits:Sustainable packaging options that still pack the benefits of classic bags and pouches.
  • Best for goods that need moderate to high barrier packaging.

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