Short Run Custom Digitally Printed Packaging


✓ Order anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 printed pouches and see your designs come to life.
✓ No set-up/cylinder costs like with gravure or flexo printing formats.
✓ Ability to run multiple same-size SKUS at once.
✓ Locally-made pouches can fast-track production, eliminating lengthy overseas shipping times.
✓ CMYK+W colours, matt or gloss finishes available.

So you’ve decided to create some custom print packaging for your product, in order to enhance your shelf appeal and leave the days of labelling unprinted bags behind you!

The first step is to have as much information as possible ready to go- this way, you can ensure the right packaging for your specific needs, while also allowing our team the best platform to guide you through the process, offer the right advice, and get you the most accurate pricing.
  • What are you packing and how much?
  • What sort of pouch do you require?
  • How is your product being filled?
  • Which size pouch fits your product?
  • How many pouches are you after?
  • Do you have multiple designs?
  • Were you after a gloss or matte finish?
  • Would you like a metalised film or clear film?
  • Do you want a product window?
  • Do you want a zipper closure and/or hang hole?

Most of these details you’ll need to have confirmed for your artwork design too, so it’s important to provide your chosen designer with the same information for the best- looking pouch possible.

 If digital sounds like the right solution for you, please contact us at: to guide you through the process, offer you samples and pricing based on your needs, or get you started!