Food Safe Packaging

Food Safe Packaging Operations

It is estimated that Australia, on average, deals with 4.1 million cases of food-related diseases on a yearly basis. According to the Food Safety Information Council, these are easily avoidable through awareness of proper food handling and packaging.

Packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety across the supply chain. When the materials used are unsuitable for the function they serve, the food items they contain are prone to contaminants, tampering, or physical damage. That's why food packaging should be made to withstand shipment, material handling, and storage like the ones from The Pouch Shop.

Food Grade Packaging - What You Need To Know

Materials must be non-toxic and safe for human consumption in order to be classified as food grade. Food grade packaging is essential because products are frequently in direct contact with devices used to manufacture food products.

Chemical compounds in the materials may get into the product, or in some cases, small pieces of the substances may get into the product and are consumed.

Food safety warning

Legal Requirements for Food Packaging - Australia

The Food Standards Code requires every manufacturer of food packaging to:

  • only use packaging material that is fit for its intended purpose;
  • only use material that is not likely to cause food contamination;
  • ensure there is no likelihood that the food may become contaminated during the packaging process.

Why Food Grade Packaging is Crucial for Any Food Business

Protects Against Food Contamination

Substances and bacteria can contaminate food products grown and manufactured locally or globally. Food that is shipped or stored for a long time is more likely to be exposed to or come into contact with contaminants.

Packaging boxes and bags that are faulty or not up to the Food Standards Code could lead to health risks. That is one of the primary reasons why proper packaging and testing packaging integrity are critical.

Protects from Physical Damage & Tampering

Food is both prone to contaminants, and physical damage and tampering. They are most vulnerable when they are shipped from the manufacturer to restaurants or supermarkets. Both the manufacturer and the buyer want the products to arrive safely and in one piece.

Packaging should be food grade and secure. Tamper indication features like anti-tampering labels, special packaging membranes, and other breakaway closures can be added. This ensures that no harmful chemicals or substances can make the food unsafe for customer consumption.

Any food company should make certain that the materials they buy and use for food packaging are strong enough to withstand shipping and handling while also assuaging consumers' concerns about tampering.

Maintains Freshness & Improves Shelf Life

The technology used by manufacturers in packaging food has evolved over the years making it possible to ship any food item from one part of the globe to another, all while preserving its quality.  

This technological advancement also benefits the shelf life aspect of food packaging. Poor packing reduces shelf life and causes food safety issues. Most people believe that storing food at low temperatures extends shelf life; this is only partially true. When food is exposed to oxygen, it will degrade.

Choosing suitable materials will add value to the integrity of the food packaging and subsequently ease any customer worry about freshness and short shelf life.

Food Packaging - Online at The Pouch Shop

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Sealing your plastic bags securely is critical in product packaging. This prevents contamination, extends the shelf life of products, and keeps perishable goods fresh. Contact The Pouch Shop if you require high-quality, low-cost heat sealers. We are reputable packaging suppliers in Melbourne, Australia, known for providing practical packaging solutions at reasonable prices.

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