Protein Powder Packaging Options in Australia

Protein Powder Packaging Options in Australia

Protein Product Packaging


The health and wellness market has grown exponentially in the past decade. Nowadays, consumers make proactive decisions to lead healthier lifestyles. Small yet consistent changes like eating more high-quality, sugar-free snacks have significant effects. Gone are the days when people would chain smoke for hours and order grease-soaked chips on the daily.

The shift in diet trends lead to a rise in health companies, not just in Australia but all around the world. You would find various vitamins on display at shopping centres. However, sensitive, nutrient-dense supplements had a different makeup, which required unique packaging. Thus, came the demand for customised bags and packaging solutions.

Do you run a supplement brand? Are you struggling to find quality, reliable protein powder packaging? Don’t worry—The Pouch Shop can help! We will cover everything you need to get a proper starting point on efficient packaging. By the end of this article, you would have already found at least two options for packaging protein.

How To Choose the Right Protein Packaging for Your Product

Several factors contribute to efficient powdered protein packaging. Whether you choose bags, pouches, or laminated tubs, only pack protein powders in options that are:


What’s the worst that could happen if you place protein powder in flimsy packaging? The answer: the powder clumps together. 

Keep in mind that powder has extremely sensitive makeup. Exposing them to even a small amount of moisture or humidity will ruin their integrity. To prevent that, make sure to use airtight packaging.


Protein powders go through a lengthy cycle. Most people don’t drink more than one or two glasses of protein shakes every day. It would take weeks to finish an average-sized pouch.

To ensure that your items could endure months on the shelves, use a durable packaging design. It should have resistance against outside elements. Leave no opening for water, air, or dust particles to contaminate the powder.


Ditch single-use plastic products! Starting a healthy supplement brand is great and all, but don’t add to the country’s growing waste problem. Instead of plastic, use powder packaging made of clean, renewable raw materials. That way, you’re keeping both your customers and the environment healthy.


A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of different protein powder brands. It seems like every popular fitness influencer sells supplement products nowadays. Despite the increasing competition, you can regain market control with eye-catching designs.

Print your logo and signature colors on the front of the packaging. If possible, add unique yet easy-to-remember colours to your pouches and bags. That way, your customers can associate your brand with something. 

Also, your design should convey your message. Go for a package design that screams “PROTEIN POWDER” every time customers enter your store.

The Best Options for Protein Powder Packaging

The market offers a wide range of bags and pouches suitable for protein powder packaging. Having multiple designs available allows you to choose based specifically on your needs. However, first-timers might find the sheer number of choices confusing.

To get the ball rolling, we narrowed down your options to the top two protein powder packaging bags.

Stand-Up Pouches

Protein Powder Packaging

In our opinion, stand-up pouches serve as the perfect protein powder packaging solution for the following reasons:

Space Efficiency

The bottom gussets on these pouches make for easy, space-efficient storage. They stack well alongside each other. This is quite important because, as we mentioned, it takes a while to finish a tub of protein powder. They cannot take up too much shelf space, whether at the store or your customer’s house.

Powder-Preserving Features

Have you ever had mouldy, clumped tubs of protein powder? These were most likely the result of flimsy food packaging. 

If you want to retain the integrity and flavour of your protein powder, use an airtight stand-up pouch. These have barriers designed to block moisture. Combined with proper storage, airtight-sealed powder should last several months—or even years.


Lightweight protein packaging offers several advantages. Firstly, they will minimise logistical fees. This is especially important if you regularly ship or receive products from overseas. Secondly, they are very portable. On-the-go fitness buffs need lightweight protein packaging, which they can easily carry around.

Sachet Pouches or Packaging Film

Pouches and Packaging Film for Protein Powder

Coming in strong at second place are sachet pouches and packaging films. Some of their key features as a product packing option include:

Single-Serve Option

Stand-up pouches are great for protein packaging in bulk. However, they might not work on smaller products. If you need compact, handy packaging, sachet pouches.

Protein Balls Packaging

Pro Tip: Sachet pouches can also double as a protein balls packaging option. In fact, you can use them for your other single-serve nutritional food packaging needs.

Product Sampling Feasibility

Newer brands that don’t get too many order requests yet can use sachet pouches for packaging protein samples. Hand them out at fairs or convention centres to improve brand reach. If you want, you can also give them out as freebies for every order of protein powder.

Design Versatility

Despite its small size, you can still customise sachet pouches to feature your brand’s signature look. Maximize the compact design with a creative, loud explosion of colours. Make your products stand out right away.

Do you need world-class protein packing solutions? Consult The Pouch Shop today! Our team has the resources to create quality bags and pouches for your brand. Whether you sell whey powder in bulk or give out bite-sized energy bars, we have you covered.