Take away and Delivery Food Packaging - Contactless for COVID19

Take away and Delivery Food Packaging - Contactless for COVID19

With mandated shut-downs across the globe impacting small businesses everywhere, we’re seeing many in the hospitality market shifting to a 100% take-away only business model for the immediate future, in order to continue as best they can.

In response to this, the packaging demand for take-away packaging and related services is going to increase, and many businesses that have never ventured into the take-away sector prior to now will have to jump on board if they want to continue supplying their customers.

All sorts of new options will hit the market, but in order to succeed they will have to obtain take-away packaging containers fast. Being flexible in such an uncertain time will allow businesses to have as little down-time as possible, and ensure their product is still available for delivery.

While rigid containers have always been a take-away packaging favourite, flexible pouches will be a useful alternative for a variety of delivery food products; such as soups, curries, ramen, rice, noodles, pastas, breakfast grains/muesli, salads and more.

Stand Up Pouches and Flat Bottom Bags will allow higher-end food producers, specialty stores and artisanal delis to provide delivery and take-away products in packaging that not only protects their food product, but also provides greater appeal to their consumer base in comparison to regular container options.